“Thank you for making such great products. We found out yesterday our baby due in October is a girl and those HiP onesies were the first and only things I bought. I’m so honored to get to raise a strong, smart girl in today’s crazy, often dumbed-down world. Products like yours make a difference by giving parents more tools in their toolbox. We’ll be back for more!” --Ali

I can’t wait to get the HiP clothes in the mail for my boy/girl twins. I love that either shirt could be worn by either child.” — Kalpana

“Can I just say a huge THANKS for having this great site/clothing? My little boy is gender non-conforming and it is just such a struggle to find things for him that are ‘acceptable’ for the other adults in his life. I love your idea of putting ‘masculine’ or neutral images on pink and purple shirts. We need more people like you in the children’s clothing world.” — Kali

"I LOVE what your company does and what you stand for. Makes me such a proud uncle to send such positive messages to my niece." -- Aaron

"Thank you for helping kids change the world." -- Sarah

You wouldn’t believe my two-year-old and his pink firetruck shirt. It’s 100 degrees here and I just can’t let him wear the long sleeves so he carries it and takes it along like his blankie. He shows everyone and says, ‘See! My pink fire engine shirt!’ It’s adorable!!” -- Lora

“My daughter stood up on the couch and gave us a speech in toddler speak, filled with emotion and lots of hand gestures. Because of her Call Me Prez shirt, we applauded loudly and now refer to it as her State of the Union.” — Donna

“Thank you for your superb customer service!” — Kimberly

“I love your t-shirt designs and it makes me smile all day when I see my daughter wearing the ‘Call Me President’ t-shirt. Since she grew out of her last one, we needed to get a larger size. It’s rare for me to buy the same shirt twice in a larger size!” — Laura

“Great and fast service.” — Maria